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Small chronology of Chooz

CHOOZ as empire land

57 - 51 before our era:

Map Roman conquest

Roman conquest. Defeat of Rèmes, Trévires and Eburones.
Ist century of our era: fitting out of a villa belonging to a certain Calcus. This Roman name gives later the toponym "Chooz ".

Middle ages

IIIrd - IVth centuries: barbarian invasions. Franks burn the Gallo-Roman villas.
651 : foundation of the Stavelot abbey by Sigebert of Austrasia.

Map Charlemagne's empire

843 : Treaty of Verdun, the Meuse and the Scheldt concretise the border between French and Germanic lands. Since this Treaty, the strategic role of the Meuse becomes obvious.

In August 843, the three grandsons of Emperor Charlemagne share the carolingian empire:

Map Empire shared   -Charles the Bald : obtains the part called Francia occidentalis or France,
-Lothaire Ist : the Lotharingia "a buffer state in the middle" and
-Louis the Germanic : gains the part named Francia orientalis or Germany.

Four rivers, the Scheldt, the Meuse, the Saone and the Rhone separate France from Lotharingia.

April 13th, 862: The hamlet of "Chooz" is mentioned in the two diplomas of king Lothaire II granted to the Stavelot monks Stavelot is at the other end of Ardennes, to 130 km towards the East, in High Fagnes.
870 : Mersen Treaty. Lotharingia disappears and is mixed together with Germany.
884 : Vikings passage. The Stavelot Benedictine monks leaving Bogny stop a few hours in Chooz with the relics of St Remacle.
962 : constitution by the Othon dynasty of the Saint Roman Germanic empire. Chooz is as Empire land.

1126 : Cuonon, the Stavelot abbot, attributes the Chooz land to Hugues le Veneur. In return the latter has to rebuild the lordly house.
June 22nd, 1341: : Adolph of Marck, bishop of Liege, points out that Chooz is included within his sovereign principality limits.
August 8, 1343: the Count of Namur asserts the lordly rights on Chooz at the bishop of Liege expense.
1348 : the village receives a charter, confirmed in 1381 by the Liege prince-bishop Ernest.
1372 : Notary of the Liege court confirms the bishop rights on Chooz.

Map Bourgogne house

1384 - 1477 : Influence of Burgundy Dukes. From the Rethélois to the Hainaut passing by Luxembourg, they control a vast territory in the heart of Europe.
1388 - 1449 : Jean of Stavelot, ecclesiastic and scholar, born in Stavelot, author of a chronicle.
May 13th,1460 : the Stavelot monks attribute Chooz land to Jean known as Charpentier.